Hello Again

Alright so I’ve never been so big on the whole idea of blogging truth be told the only reason I even have this blog is because my shit show of an english teacher made me make one just so I could miss a few deadlines and drop the class. Anyways to continue the reason I never used these sort of websites is because I’m not really sure how to use them. Am i supposed to post about super important things, my political views, how I start my days, how i end them, is this supposed to be a journal of my personal things. So with that being said I’m just going to try and get the ball rolling here and see where it goes. Why now? Well I just moved here where is here? A long way from home for me. I’m from new port richey Florida I didn’t bother capitalizing it because unless you have had the unpleasant opportunity to have lived there you have no idea what it is. That place is the literal definition of a hell hole. But in the most respect it has the biggest diversity of any other place I’ve been. This town is a few mile stretch of crackheads, strippers, and townies but there are certain parts that I plan on going back to and enjoy growing old in. Specifically there is this one street my ex-girlfriend lives on. She is not the reason but her house is my dream house. Like an oasis in a desert I’ll make a whole blog about it in my next blog. I’m getting off track thats home and this is here I moved a long way from all my friends, the beaches, haha the fun its all back in Florida so I have a lot of free time now… It sucks being so far from everything but its time to grow up. I need to focus on school and my future and whatnot its not the most fun I’ll ever have but I don’t want to have too much fun and end up poor and alone like everyone else that I graduated with is so doomed to live their lives and end them. anyways I’m too distracted too finish this thought see yah next timeIMG_2411



One of my favorite forms of entertainment is to watch competition cheerleading or “all-star cheerleading”. I never would have known about this amazing world if a girl in my 2nd period english class didn’t ask me if I could do a backflip. From then on she asked me to go to a cheerleading practice with her I joined the team and competed all across america. Now if you have ever been to a cheerleading competition not you are entertained by more than just the routine you can be entertained by the atmosphere as well. Watching those crazy cheer moms yell at their daughters for the craziest of things from eating too much the night before and gaining a pound to their daughters having their hair in a mid-pony not a high-pony. At any cheer competition the smell of hair spray and spray tan fills your nose completely blinding you to the fact there are hot dogs and popcorn being sold directly behind you. Moving on from the aromas and atmosphere to the most important thing of all the two minutes and thirty seconds at a time of actual routines. When going to a cheer competition something to for sure look out for is what teams will be there. Any competition in Florida Georgia or Ohio, small or big, you can bet your but that my old gym Brandon Allstars had one of their teams there whether it was a youth team or an adult team. Trust me they are the gym to watch they are among the top 5 teams in the world as far as skill level and showmanship. When you are watching a competition you really wanna focus on level 5 teams they can do the coolest stuff. Anything less than a level 5 team and you are thinking to yourself “I could probably do this.”


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Hiking? I love hiking

Sorry for the excitement but one of my favorite things is new trails. just this passed weekend I went to Mount Cheaha in Alabama, if you like a good view with places to relax and enjoy scenery or for the more adventurous like me you can rock clime the north side of the mountain as well as they have many waterfalls and mini water pools to swim in.

Who is he

I love wrestling with a passion! To me wrestling is a major key to success; not only does to push you beyond your limits physically it also gives you a sense of meaning at a young age as well as brothers in a family you never knew you were a part of. Wrestling can help you realize who you are as a person whether or not you are passive or more on the aggressive type like me. In my experience with wrestling, on my first day I walked into the room terrified not know what to expect at the young age of 14 my freshman year of highschool. The wrestling room didn’t really smell bad but it had a more physical feeling of the blood sweat and tears you could sense as you walked through the doors. Being that I was new to the room and the sport I was hazed unbelievably my eyebrows were shaved when I was sleeping by the upper class men we had a song when on the chorus they would “kick start” the freshman or newbies and many more unspeakable things were done between those walls but what I took away from that was a sense of wanting to fight back or just not be on the bottom of the totem pole what others may have taken from it might’ve been more along the lines of holy shit I really hate these guys. So I found something out about myself that when pushed I can push back. I personally with out a doubt believe that without that hazing I never would have achieved as much as I have achieved in the sport of wrestling! 
More than just a fun time wrestling pushes you physically. For starters waking up at 5 am everyday seems impossible for a highschool student but during both the on and off season my practice started at 5 am every morning my mom would drop me off or my coach would pick me up for our 5 mile run followed by either an hour of round robin practice or condition depending on the day of the week then we showered and started our school day. Six and a half hours of school later we started our after school conditioning which usually consisted of a timed mile and then 2 times quarter mile sprints where not making time would mean redoing the the conditioning. Then comes practice 30 minutes to an hour of skill training learning new skills or perfecting skills already attained followed by 30 minutes to an hour of live wrestling hopefully using your new skills and you’re good to go but you better shower or you might catch one of the many skin diseases wrestlers carry! 
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