Hello Again

Alright so I’ve never been so big on the whole idea of blogging truth be told the only reason I even have this blog is because my shit show of an english teacher made me make one just so I could miss a few deadlines and drop the class. Anyways to continue the reason I never used these sort of websites is because I’m not really sure how to use them. Am i supposed to post about super important things, my political views, how I start my days, how i end them, is this supposed to be a journal of my personal things. So with that being said I’m just going to try and get the ball rolling here and see where it goes. Why now? Well I just moved here where is here? A long way from home for me. I’m from new port richey Florida I didn’t bother capitalizing it because unless you have had the unpleasant opportunity to have lived there you have no idea what it is. That place is the literal definition of a hell hole. But in the most respect it has the biggest diversity of any other place I’ve been. This town is a few mile stretch of crackheads, strippers, and townies but there are certain parts that I plan on going back to and enjoy growing old in. Specifically there is this one street my ex-girlfriend lives on. She is not the reason but her house is my dream house. Like an oasis in a desert I’ll make a whole blog about it in my next blog. I’m getting off track thats home and this is here I moved a long way from all my friends, the beaches, haha the fun its all back in Florida so I have a lot of free time now… It sucks being so far from everything but its time to grow up. I need to focus on school and my future and whatnot its not the most fun I’ll ever have but I don’t want to have too much fun and end up poor and alone like everyone else that I graduated with is so doomed to live their lives and end them. anyways I’m too distracted too finish this thought see yah next timeIMG_2411


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