One of my favorite forms of entertainment is to watch competition cheerleading or “all-star cheerleading”. I never would have known about this amazing world if a girl in my 2nd period english class didn’t ask me if I could do a backflip. From then on she asked me to go to a cheerleading practice with her I joined the team and competed all across america. Now if you have ever been to a cheerleading competition not you are entertained by more than just the routine you can be entertained by the atmosphere as well. Watching those crazy cheer moms yell at their daughters for the craziest of things from eating too much the night before and gaining a pound to their daughters having their hair in a mid-pony not a high-pony. At any cheer competition the smell of hair spray and spray tan fills your nose completely blinding you to the fact there are hot dogs and popcorn being sold directly behind you. Moving on from the aromas and atmosphere to the most important thing of all the two minutes and thirty seconds at a time of actual routines. When going to a cheer competition something to for sure look out for is what teams will be there. Any competition in Florida Georgia or Ohio, small or big, you can bet your but that my old gym Brandon Allstars had one of their teams there whether it was a youth team or an adult team. Trust me they are the gym to watch they are among the top 5 teams in the world as far as skill level and showmanship. When you are watching a competition you really wanna focus on level 5 teams they can do the coolest stuff. Anything less than a level 5 team and you are thinking to yourself “I could probably do this.”


WC: 308


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